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Cooperative of Traditional Sea Salt and Community Tourism in Sa Huynh, formerly known as Sa Huynh Salt Flower Community Tourism Cooperative, is an organization established to provide tour services in Sa Huynh, bringing visitors Visitors will have a harmonious experience between discovery and enjoyment in a Sa Huynh coastal village with a rich identity.

Among them, Sa Huynh traditional salt fields and salt industry are the heart of Sa Huynh community tourism.

Through connecting and spreading the community, with the motto of community-owned tourism, we aim to improve community capacity and awareness to preserve natural ecosystems and traditional craft villages. system, protect the environment and promote traditional cultural values in the locality.


Providing visitors with interesting and authentic experiences of discovery and learning about craft villages, Sa Huynh Culture,...

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Increase the income of local people through Community Tourism


Preserving natural ecosystems, protecting the environment, maintaining traditional culture of the homeland.

Discover the beauty of
community tourism
Sa Huynh

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